This year's theme is



Coexistence in a Changing World

Social identities constructed dynamically throughout the lifespan define who we are. They determine how we feel about ourselves and the way we interact with the world.


Through socialization, it provides a sense of belongingness and enables us to understand the actions of others.


Individual well-being, motives, decision making, career choices, workplace dynamics, learning experiences and mental health cannot be addressed independent of social identity.  It is crucial for any psychological intervention to consider the individual within a social context.  

Therefore, in order to celebrate the year of tolerance; coexistence and openness to different cultures and commitment to diversity, the theme for this year’s IPCD will be dedicated to the role of social identity in psychological practice and how we can incorporate the way we feel about ourselves to our professional practice. 

Moreover, in the last few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered the dynamics of how we are now interacting with the world and each other. IPCD acknowledges the crucial role that psychological professionals have in understanding and supporting individuals within this changing world we are all living in.